71 Years of Excellence…
Crown remains committed to providing our customers with quality parts and products that meet or exceed industry standards. We have served the industry for over 69 years. We have the experience, know-how, and workmanship to get the job done! We thank you for your committed patronage and look forward to serving you for another 70 years!

Aquastat immersion wells
A & J,H,S oil pump strainers and gaskets
Air cones Beckett & Wayne
Auburn® liquid level controls
Auburn® observation ports
Auburn® protector boots
Beckett, Carlin, & Wayne flange gaskets
Beckett electrode & tune up kits
Blowout gun and CO² chargers
Buss bars – Flat & Round

Cad cell eyes and leads
Carlin electrode & tune up kits
Ceramic Blankets
Ceramic Boots – 90 Deg & Straight
Ceramic Braided Rope – 1/2” thru 2” Dia. – 2300° F
Ceramic Braided Rope – 1/2” thru 2” Dia. – 2300° F
Ceramic Twisted Rope – 1/2” thru 2” Dia. – 2300° F
Champion® spark plugs
Couplers for B & G and Armstrong pumps

Electrode and ignition kits
Electrode setting gauges

Fiberfrax® 440J gasketing paper
Fiberglass Rope, Tape, & Sleeving
Firomatic™ Valves, Check Valves & Fusible Valves

Gaskets and cover gaskets
Gauge glass brass friction rings 5/8″ & 3/4″
Gauge glass valves with rods

High temperature fiberboard

Industrial igniters & flame rods
Ignition terminal and transformer kits
Ignition terminals and hardware

Lenz™ Observation Ports

Miller plate & flange gaskets
Monarch Pump Test kit

Nozzles wrench

O.E.M. electrodes and igniters
Oil filter system – Quick Spin III™ – UL Listed – 10 Micron
Oil filter refills: Spin on, Cotton, & Rayon
Oil safety valve – 3/8″ & 1/2″ pipe

Pioneer burner couplings and accessories
Pocket dial & digital thermometers
Pressure gauge 0 – 30 psi, 1/8 NPT btm mount
Pressure gauge 0 – 300 psi, 1/4 NPT btm mount

Red Silicone cable 7mm-UL Listed
Regin smoke emitters
Riello air tube gaskets & strainer kits

Schott® high pressure gauge glass
Schott® redline gauge glass


Service tools:

8MM shell crimping tool & wire striper
Electrode Tip bending tool
Blow-out guns
Check Valve
Coupling Cutter – Cuts up to 1 1/4″ dia. coupling
Crimping tools
Gauge Glass cutters
Hex Key set
Lineman’s pliers with crimper
Low voltage tester w/boots
OSVA tool
Pocket thermometers – analog & digitial
Porcelain & Glass cutter
Ratchet box wrench
Soot kutter
Tape Measure 7/8″ W X 25 ft.
Telescoping inspection mirrors
Telescoping lighter
Telescoping magnet
Test leads with boots 12″, 18″ & 24″ long
Test leads with boots 8 ft. 20 volt

Silicone boots – straight & 90 degree
Spin-On Filter – 10 micron – UL listed
Spring couplers
Standard gauge glass
Standard & custom made copper oil lines
Standard electrodes
Standard & Marvel® gauge glass washers
Steel braided hose 24″ & 36″ length’s
Superior smoke bombs – 30 sec., 1 & 3 minute

Terminal (Rajah™ style) connectors
Test Leads with boots
Thermeez® high temperature ceramic putty
Tigerloop – UL Listed
TUV listed Flow Control® oil deaerator
UL and CSA Listed GTO cable

Vacuum gauge 0 – 30 vac, 1/8 NPT btm mount / Color coded
Vacuum gauge 0 – 30 vac, 1/4 NPT btm mount
Valker® Chem-Flush 1 & valve
V-belts – fractional 4L series only

Wayne Blue Angel electrodes & tune up kits
Woods® style couplers & inserts

Zoom Spout Oiler

….And much more!

Business Hours:
Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

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