Auburn / Igniters

Auburn Igniters are the industry leading standard for combustion equipment since
1910. The Auburn range of igniters consists of over 88 unique part numbers.

Auburn Igniters are used as original equipment by many of the worlds largest combustion equipment manufacturers. Auburn insulators are renowned for having excellent dielectric strength, high mechanical strength, high thermal conductivity and excellent resistance to heat shock. Center electrodes are fabricated from Auburn developed alloys. Designed to resist both sparking erosion and chemical corrosion under normal and extreme operating temperature conditions. Center wires are made from Nickel, Chromel, Inconel or Kanthal depending on the particular application.

The Hexagon provides contact for a socket wrench during installation and removal.

A variety of Hex sizes and thread patterns are available in the Auburn range.
Auburn continue to develop new innovate products and unique products to meet
specific customer needs.

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