Auburn / Flame Rods

Manufacturers of industrial burners, boilers and ovens require flame probes (or
rods) that are reliable throughout a long service life. Auburn designs and manufacturers flame probes rugged enough to survive operating temperatures up to and including 2350°F. Probe or center wire materials such as Kanthal or Nichrome are chosen for their excellent conductive and thermal properties.

A ceramic insulator is used to insulate the center wire from the mounting shell Units will not crack or breakdown, at rated temperatures. Auburn flame probes give accurate readings over a wide range of temperatures, voltage and size applications.

Operating principle -The rod conducts current to the flame-sensing system
(controller) as long as the tip is in contact with the flame. Auburn manufacturers private label brands for OEM’s and others. Custom design service is available to meet any unique flame-sensing requirements customers may have.

Every Auburn Industrial product is subjected to rigorous factory inspection Tests include conductivity and dielectric (arc flash) for ceramic integrity.

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