Our history

71 Years of Excellence…

In March of 2020, Crown Engineering Corporation celebrated its 70th year anniversary in serving the heating industry. Crown was founded in 1950 by Bob Bernard, son of Jim Bernard who founded Dielectric Products, the original Electrode manufacturer.

A Young Company…
Joe Palmer, father of Michael J. Palmer who currently runs the business, began to work for Bob Bernard in the early 1960’s as Shop Foreman. In the late 1960’s Jim Bernard passed away, and Bob Bernard found himself the owner of the many Companies his father started. Shortly after Jim’s death, the family attorneys felt it best for Bob to sell off the less lucrative companies. At this juncture Crown was still a young developing company and not doing well. The Bernard’s attorneys approached Joe Palmer and Frank Gaskell, a salesman in the office, to see if they were interested in buying Crown Engineering Corporation from Bob Bernard. The two of them agreed and became partners in 1961.

A Close Call…
Only three years after its inception the business was again in Jeopardy when Frank Gaskell began to have health problems. Frank was one of the first people to receive heart bypass surgery. In those days you were not allowed to return to work after such an operation. The company once again was in a vulnerable position. Joe Palmer, knowing the potential of the business found a silent financial backer, and bought out Frank’s share of the company in 1963. By 1968 Joe Palmer was the sole stock holder.

Merger Brings Prosperity…
By 1970 growth was steady, but still not quite enough to rely on. At this time Joe Palmer went into negotiations to purchase Dielectric Products, it’s sister company, who also manufactured electrodes. In the midst of their negotiations the owner of Dielectric suddenly died from acute liver problems. What appeared to be a blow to his plan, Joe eventually purchased Dielectric Products from the estate. This event was significant, in that it brought the two major players in the electrode manufacturing business together under one roof. 

Location, location, location…
From 1950 to 1973 Crown was located in Keyport, New Jersey. In 1973 the company out grew the facility in Keyport and the decision was made to move to a facility in Marlboro, New Jersey where Crown prospered for the next 11 years, running two production shifts just to keep up with the orders.

In 1984 the landlord wanted his building back. So, the lease was not renewed. Joe decided not to have this problem arise again, so he bought a place he could call home, to a now successful business venture. 

Finally, the search was over. In 1985 when he purchased the current Crown facility in Farmingdale, New Jersey.

The Next Generation…
Joe and Lois Palmer inducted their three sons into the business from childhood. Mike, Scott, and Skip worked weekends and holidays. Out of his three sons Mike began working for the company full time in June of 1974, after graduating from Elmhurst College. In 1979 Mike was deemed Vice President of the company and worked closely with his father on all pending business matters. In 1984 Mike was appointed President at which point he ran the daily affairs of the corporation. Finally, in 1991 Joe and Lois decided it was time to hang up their hats and retired, making Michael J. Palmer the sole stock holder. Mike then split his ownership of Crown with his wife Jackie. 

The Crown Strategy…
For our employees, Crown is in business to provide a safe, family like atmosphere for our employees to work in, and make a living where they can provide for their families, or supplement other family income. 

For our customers, Crown’s 70 years of experience in helping OEM’s with their ignition needs is our primary strong point. We have developed electrodes and Flame Rods for their specific applications. We also manufacturer Ignition Terminals to make the right connection for those assemblies. If we service the OEM market well, then the replacement market through Wholesalers is easier, because we can say that our replacement parts are built to OEM specifications. 

All of this mixed with quality, competitive prices, and faith has been the ear mark of Crown’s success.

Product mix

Crown’s variety and diverse line of products gives our customer base the confidence that we have what they are looking for, at a fair price. Why bother to look anywhere else?


To create a convenient place to buy a wide variety of replacement parts from a single location, saving you; time, and money, while consolidating shipping cost. For us, it’s all about you!


In the Crown family of product comes great customer service. Our employees have 25 to 40+ years of experience in the industry and have the answers you need. We are committed to being “Your Single Source!” for all your ignition needs!

Business Hours:
Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Your Single Source!

for electrodes, igniters, flame rods & terminals for oil & gas fired equipment!