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We are "The Original OEM Electrode, Flame Rod & Terminal Manufactrer!"


It was March 8th 1950, the birth of Crown Engineering Corporation!

 Welcome to Crown Engineering Corporation…

Crown Engineering Corporation is one of the largest manufactures of electrodes, flame rods, and probes for ignition related applications regarding oil and gas fired equipment.

We manufacture many of the electrodes for today’s waste oil burners. Our ignition electrodes can be found in Beckett AFII burners, Wayne Blue Angel oil burners, Carlin’s Elite oil burners, Midco power gas burners, Wayne power gas burners, Fulton boilers, and Kewanee boilers.

We have designed and supplied ignition products for grain drying equipment. Our products can even be found in hot water heaters, pressure washers, and diesel truck heaters, of all places!

Crown Engineering Corporation is also a manufacturer of terminal connectors (Rajah style). Our connectors are used in power source applications between electrode and transformer. We also manufacture connector to connector cable assemblies for Fulton Boiler and many others.

In addition to manufacturing electrodes and terminals for our customers we are swamped with numerous requests for other related products.

We rose to the demands of our customers needs. After we began
our,”Single Source!”,campaign, it lead to an onslaught of numerous distribution items. These products range from industrial igniters, couplers, putty, gauge glass, fractional v-belts and much more! See our on-line catalog for details.

Business Hours:
Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Your Single Source!

for electrodes, igniters, flame rods & terminals for oil & gas fired equipment!